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Nanatsu no Taizai

  • Don Gilmore, Kohsuke...
  • Man with a mission

In a world similar to the European Middle Ages, the feared yet revered Holy Knights of Britannia use immensely powerful magic to protect the region of Britannia and its kingdoms. However, a ...

K Project

  • Atsuko and Katsu

In modern Japan, where history has strangely overlapped with reality. There, seven "Kings" with great superpowers existed. Along with their clansman to whom they shared their own power with,...

Rail Wars

  • Chihara Minori

Rail Wars! takes place in an alternate universe where the Japanese government remains in control of the nation's railway systems. Because of the stability afforded by the leadership of the g...

Gj Bu

Shinomiya Kyouya is forced to become a new member of the GJ, an unidentified club that dwells in a room of the former building of a certain school. Here he meets the club leader, Mao, a shor...

Sukitte Ii na yo

  • Okazaki Ritsuko

Mei Tachibana was once a regular girl who enjoyed hanging out with her friends. But after a traumatic incident where all her so-called friends suddenly turned their backs on her, Mei's idea ...

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