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Anisics Mobile

Anisics Mobile is an mobile application for streaming anime music. This application allow you to reading the lyric, reviewing some anime music, bookmark your favorite anime, and much more..

Windows mobile still have low support and currently have security issue because we still don't have app key on their appstore. Please help the development for Windows and iOS AnisicsStream apps by donating.

Mobile Apps

Version: 2.5.8
Enjoy the full featured music application on your mobile devices. This is the optimized version for newer devices.
The android version also distributed on Google Play.
Recommended for Kitkat+ and WP8.

Desktop Apps

In development
Anisics Stream still under development. This app version will be developed after Scarlets Fiction FutureInterface apps has been finished and secure enough to be released.
Release date haven't decided.

Anisics Network - Connecting to server